Say Goodbye to Exhaustion & Hello to Well-Rested, Happier Days!

Welcome to Happy Sleepy Baby

Every parent dreams of nights filled with uninterrupted sleep and mornings greeted with happy and well-rested children. The reality however, can sometimes be miles away from this dream. Here is where I step in and stand beside you.

After learning the methodology and principles from “The Sleep Lady®”, Happy Sleepy Baby was born to offer you more than just a gentle sleep training program. I offer you a promise to walk with you, hand in hand, until those dreamy nights and happy mornings are your reality.

Whether you are a first-time parent in search of guidance or an experienced parent looking for solutions to new challenges, my approach ensures that your children learn healthy sleep habits that align with the unique beliefs and lifestyle of your family.

Let’s become a Happy Sleeping Baby Family. Because who doesn't love happy and well-rested babies, right? Happy dreams are around the corner…. Let’s make them a reality.

I offer baby sleep coaching services in English and Spanish.
Servicios disponibles en Español

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