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Your Certified Gentle Sleep Coach®

I’m Carolina Flannery-Ruiz, a dedicated Certified Gentle Sleep Coach® and the proud mom of two beautiful children, Ethan and Olivia, who are 6 and
3 years old. I am originally from Colombia and moved to the US in 2008 where I met my husband and together, we have embraced the joy of building our family.

As I became a new mother, understanding and improving the sleep patterns of my babies became a high priority. I was determined to find effective techniques to help my little ones sleep better. Seeing my children happy, rested, and thriving after I successfully sleep-trained both of them has been the ultimate validation of the effectiveness of a sleep training program. It became clear to me that supporting and guiding other families to achieve the same results was my newfound passion.

After a meaningful conversation with my husband, he encouraged me to follow my passion and inspire me to pursue my interest in sleep in children. It was during this time that I came across The Sleep Lady® Training Program and decided to become a Gentle Sleep Coach®, certified by the sleep lady herself, Kim West, MSW.

Over the past six years, I have merged my personal experiences as a stay-at-home mom, my educational background in Business Administration, and my newfound passion for children sleep. This has led me to embrace my calling by empowering family and friends to achieve similar results and navigate the rewarding journey of establishing healthy sleep routines.